We listen before we act and take the time to help you identify specific criteria necessary to ensure success.

Utilizing NorthStar's proprietary "Candidate Optimization Plan" (COP) approach to building candidate specification documents, we guide you through a process that includes behavioral and problem/solution situational interviews.

Step One – Understanding Your Business

Lead 360° meetings to understand your business, issues, and opportunities, as well as your corporate culture and what's required to succeed.

Step Two – Building the Candidate Spec

Identify, with your team, the capabilities you are looking for in a candidate, including their cultural fit, background, experience, and their approach to delivering strategic and tactical value.

Step Three – Hunting for Talent

Create, with your team, the bullseye list of skills and target companies, both within your competitive arena and outside.

Step Four – Narrowing the Field

Utilize an extensive interviewing process – behavioral and situational, in-person or video to provide an all-encompassing assessment.

Step Five – Presenting to Client

Present only fully vetted candidates. We don't waste your time.

Step Six – Reference Check

Provide reference checks upon request so that you gain a clear and accurate candidate story from previous employers, colleagues, clients and direct reports.

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