We Are "Your" NorthStar – Your Beacon for Growth

Our mission is to deliver exceptional value
with a process that guides you to the best talent

The NorthStar Story

We are a boutique executive search consultancy providing stellar services to clients and candidates. We value hard work and expertise. Led by a team of multi-disciplinary senior level executives, NorthStar understands the complexity of finding extraordinary talent in a rapidly changing, multifaceted business environment.

Who you are, your principles, and your goals are "Your" NorthStar — the guiding light to hiring the best people to match your culture and the skills needed to get the job done. Our purpose is to serve as your beacon, helping you navigate to find the best talent.

Fun Fact – The North Star is the anchor of the northern sky. It is a landmark, or sky mark, that helps those who follow it determine direction as it glows brightly to lead them toward a purposeful destination. It also has a symbolic meaning. The North Star represents a beacon of inspiration and hope to many.

And so it is, that beacon of inspiration that helped me start NorthStar Executive Search and finally master (sort of) one of my favorite ski trails, "NorthStar" –  which is how it all began.

NorthStar's approach is strategic and highly personal. We take the time to acquaint ourselves with your industry and your vision for growth. This proven process has evolved over 15+ years in the business.